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Suitible For: 

2009DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2009DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2008DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2008DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2007DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2007DodgeRam 2500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2007DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2007DodgeRam 3500L6-6.7L, Diesel
2006DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2006DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2005DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2005DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2004DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2004DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2003DodgeRam 2500L6-5.9L, Diesel
2003DodgeRam 3500L6-5.9L, Diesel

S&B Intake Replacement Filter (Dry Extendable)

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