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Increase Fuel Pressure and Injector Life of your 6.0 with this inexpensive upgrade kit. 

Easy Installation with these steps: 

1. Locate your secondary fuel filter housing which is located on top of the engine. In order to access the secondary fuel filter housing, you may need to remove some intake duct work and tie some coolant hoses out of the way.

2. Remove the fuel filter cap and the fuel filter. Remove the fuel from the filter housing.

3. Remove the four torx screws that retain the pressure regulator housing cover to the side of the secondary fuel filter housing. Keep pressure on the cover during this process in order to keep the spring from pushing the cover off too quickly.

4. Gently move the cover away from the housing. Replace the old spring with the new blue spring and replace the cover gasket. Reverse procedure to re-assemble.

5. Before starting the engine cycle the key several times to prime the fuel system.

Ford OEM Blue Spring Kit - Fuel Pressure Regulator

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