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Use your existing SCT device to download our custom tunes. Custom tuning is a great way to make your truck most efficient. Very well so if you have done different modifications to the truck and they need special attention with the tuning. Please call in after the order is placed or before. We need certain information from you and your truck to make these tunes for you.


Choose 3 of our Custom Tunes:

Xtreme Race - 140rwhp - Race/Pulling tune - Convertor is locked 2nd gear up

Xtreme Street - 120rwhp - Daily Driver - gains of 2-3 more mpg

Aggressive Street - 95rwhp - Daily Driver

Street - 85rwhp - Daily Driver/Light Towing(up to 10,000lbs)

Tow - 45rwhp - 10,000lbs and up

Need a little help towing the heavier loads? Add the Tow Tune to help your truck.

Looking for better mileage but don't need all that power? Our Xtreme Street, Aggressive Street, or Street can help out with that. We usually see an average gain of 2 to 3 more miles per gallon!

Needing that little extra something to beat your buddy, maybe blow by that Duramax or Cummins? The  Xtreme Race can help your truck get that little extra power you need.


Want something a little more custom? Let us know what you are looking for and we can customize a tune for your needs.


When ordering your Custom Tune, be sure to include the following:

SCT Serial Number

Vehicle Strategy Number

Larger Injectors



Tire Size


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